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2021, Volume 112, Issue III

Administrative and legal status of the Prison Service in Poland – an outline of the issues

Marcin Jurgilewicz1
1-, Politechnika Rzeszowska

Autor korenspondencyjny: Marcin Jurgilewicz; -, Politechnika Rzeszowska; email:

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The Prison Service is an example of a uniformed and armed apolitical formation. This formation is subordinate to the Minister of Justice and at the same time ensures order and security in the office supporting the Minister of Justice and in the National Public Prosecutor’s Office. The Prison Service is among other units of the penitentiary system, the entity of the leading executor of the state penitentiary policy in the execution of the custodial sentence. The Prison Service implements on the principles set out in the Act of 6 June 1997 of the Penal Enforcement Code which functions in the field of the execution of detention on remand and custodial sentences and coercive measures resulting in deprivation of liberty. The article presents the Prison Service in Poland from the perspective of administrative and legal solutions determining the status of this formation

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